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I'm endlessly curious about people and can't wait to hear about their journey. ​So, it's only natural I studied sociology and became certified in human resource management. For 20 plus years, my career focus has been human resource advising, leadership, and business ownership.

My life was moving along fine, then I hit 40 and everything changed. I became depressed and wanted to run away from everything---this painful and confusing time lasted for several years. I decided to take a risk, sell my business, and go back to school in pursuit of finding passionate work. This decision felt right and I slowly started feeling better when my then husband suddenly left me for someone else. My mid-life transition turned into a mid-life crisis and I was beyond broken!

I was in so much pain, I could barely move, and I felt like a hollow shell of someone---I didn’t know who.

Here the work begins--I break, I grieve, and I go within. I heal, I forgive myself and others, and find a profound peace within.

Now, after this ten-year journey, I am so grateful. It has only enhanced my curiosity and given me a greater understanding and empathy for our human experiences and connections. 


Lastly, it has joyfully led me to my life's work, a certified life coach and intuitive tarot card reader.

My formal training and certification is through Coach Training EDU and I am of member of The International Coaching Federation. Additionally, I have been trained in MBSR (mind-body-stress-reduction) and Intuitive Tarot card reading through Biddy Tarot. 


6420 SW Macadam Ave Ste 390

Portland, Or 97239

Phone: 971.227.9370


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